Do you have questions? We have answers.

What time is your service?

  1. Our service begins at 10am and goes till around 11am.

Do you have Bible study?

  1. Yes we do for adults! Our adult class meets in the sanctuary at 8:45 and goes till 9:45am. Bring your coffee and love for the Lord and we will provide the teaching.
  2. Yes we do for Youth! Our youth study meets downstairs at 8:45am and goes till 9:45am. The youth usually are going through the same study the adults are but on a level that's designed for them. Currently, our middle school and high school youth meet together.

Do you have any kids programs?

  1. Yes we do! Wednesday night is our AWANA ministry (see our separate tab for details). This is time where kids come and memorize scripture, play games and receive awards for their hard work.
  2. Yes we do on Sunday morning! We have Children's church that takes place during normal church service AFTER worship. We love for families to be together as we worship Christ and sing praises to God for the beautiful gift of salvation. Children are dismissed for Children's church before the pastor begins his sermon.

What type of preaching can I expect?

  1. Pastor John Ramos preaches from an expository position--verse by verse. Pastor John unpacks the verses so that we know and understand the historical-cultural background in which the Bible was written and will relay the biblical principle so we can apply the teaching for today's context.

What type of music can I expect?

  1. Our worship team plays a blend of hymns and contemporary songs. If you have a love for music and play an instrument, let us know and we would enjoy having you on the team.

How should I dress?

  1. Casual. Here at PCBC, we are a small community and have people dress anywhere from shorts to blue jeans to khakis and the like. If it helps you, pastor John preaches in blue jeans and a casual shirt. You are more than welcome to dress more formal but don't be upset if we don't.

What Bible Translation do you use?

  1. Pastor John preaches from the New American Standard Bible and will at times reference other versions as well. The goal of PCBC's teaching and preaching is to relay the meaning of scripture to our modern day audience so they grow to love the word of God, memorize it and apply it to their lives.

I hope these several questions and answers provide you with the information for you to come and join us for worship this Sunday!

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